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Davao: 630 Dabawenyo kids inoculated after 2 days of 5-11 y/o vaccination; no major adverse event recorded

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Davao City – The pilot pediatric vaccination rollout for 5- to 11-year-olds in Davao City’s partner hospitals kicked off on a high note with at least 630 children inoculated with their first dose of the reformulated Pfizer vaccine without any major adverse reaction recorded as of February 15, 2022.

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Davao City COVID-19 Task Force Spokesperson Dr. Michelle Schlosser, during the COVID-19 Alert program of 87.5 FM Davao City Disaster Radio (DCDR) aired on Wednesday, February 16, said the city targets to vaccinate 269,121 in the youngest population age group.

“Wala ta’y nadawat na report na naay major adverse event sa 5 to 11 yo vaccination. However, dunay mga ginatawag lang nato na mga minor adverse events which are expected (We have not received any report of any adverse event in our 5 to 11 yo vaccination. However, there were minor adverse events that were expected),” Schlosser said.

Pain on the inoculation site, fever, body pain, or headache were among the common minor adverse reactions experienced by the vaccinated children.

She said there were no cases of hyperactivity or anything that merited hospitalization.

The city health official said, “We are assuring the parents and guardians nga wala ta’y natala nga major adverse events of major adverse reactions (We are assuring the parents that we have not recorded any major adverse events or major adverse reactions).”

She also said that the City Government of Davao aims to roll out the pediatric vaccination for five to 11 years old on February 21 in special sites, including the Almendras Gym, the San Roque Elementary School, and the Vicente Hizon Elementary School, depending on the vaccination supply and logistics. These sites, according to Dr. Schlosser, will be open to the public.

Just like the successful pilot rollout in hospitals, the city’s special sites and district vaccination sites for the five to 11 population will also try to be as friendly, playful, and less threatening.

Dr. Schlosser said hospitals like the Southern Philippines Medical Center, the Davao Medical School Foundation (DMSF), and the Seamen’s Hospital have set up their sites to be a pleasing environment for the children.

In social media photos during the first day of the SPMC rollout, kids were seen enjoying the food cart treats, magic show, and photo booth, among other kid attractions.

“We will be setting up the special sites and district sites nga ingon ana as well. Iba kasi ni sya nga population age group. Ang battle nila is ang fear. I-address nato ang psychological fear nila of needles and fear of having the vaccine (We will be setting up the special sites and district sites just like that. This is a unique population age group. Their battle is fear. We will address their psychological fear of needles and vaccination),” she added.

Davao Doctors Hospital, she said, is set to start its pediatric vaccination for five to 11 years old children on Thursday, February 17.

Dr. Schlosser urged parents and guardians to convince their children and condition their minds on the need to avail of the COVID-19 vaccine just like any routine vaccine.

Before bringing their kids to the vaccination sites, she reminded parents to register them first on the Safe Davao QR website ( A PSA birth certificate or valid student ID must be presented for the DQR registration.

To pre-register for the DMSF pediatric vaccination hub, parents must sign up their children on or check out the instructions here

(Source: Davao City Information Office)

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