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Iriga: New CHED V regional director Atty. Septon A. Dela Cruz courtesy calls governor Al Francis C. Bichara

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Atty. Septon A. Dela Cruz, new Regional Director, CHED V, formally met with the Governor Al Francis C. Bichara at the Governor’s Office, Provincial Capitol Building, last January 13, 2022.

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The preliminaries were discussed by the Provincial Administrator, Vida Maria C. Prollamante and the CHED V personalities. The Regional Director was accompanied by Engr. Janet N. Naag, OIC Chief Education Program Specialist and Dr. Ma. Pamela S. Viñas, Education Supervisor II.

In the said meeting, besides visitation the two VIP’s also discussed matters directly affecting the region’s scholastic situation.

Atty. Dela Cruz echoed about the emergency meeting convened by Commissioner Dr. Prospero E. De Vera III. The commissioner called on all presidents of states, universities and colleges and stakeholders for an announcement relative to the implementation of the limited F2F classes. For the time being, institutions are subscribing to the joint memorandum of DOH and CHED.

Accordingly, all institutions aspiring to implement limited F2F have to comply with the guidelines imbedded in the memorandum. All they have to do is inform CHED about their interest and submit self-assessment undertaking and waiver that they have full responsibility for whatever fortuitous event that may occur in the implementation of the limited F2F mode.

Likewise, NRD CHED V, extended to the province, thru Governor Al Francis C. Bichara, his gratitude for the continuous vaccination drive asking further assistance to increase the vaccination of students referring to the low vaccination data in several institutions.

The Governor Al Francis C. Bichara, in turn asked for the details/ list of the students who have not undergone the procedure yet and if possible CHED volunteers to fast track vaccination drives. NRD CHED V, promised to ask the institutions for the list of students complying to the request.

In an interview, Atty. Septon A. Dela Cruz emphasized three salient points, first, making sure that quality education is still the paramount priority of all delivering institutions albeit the present condition of the educational system. Second, vaccination of all stakeholders like students and personnel is also not relegated considering the low percentage of inoculated students and personnel in significant number of institutions. Third, CHED V new regional director further said that, the responsibility of providing awareness as to the programs of CHED V like scholarship programs will be propagated knowing that only a small number of the public and stakeholders have knowledge of such and financial assistance is ready at hand.  (Gy B. Hallare)

(Source: Gov. Al Francis Bichara, Province of Albay)

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