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Zamboanga: An ASG Spouse/Supporter has been arrested

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The 2nd wife of ASGSL SAWADJAAN, a confirmed supporter of the Abu Sayyaf Group was arrested on the evening of March 5, 2022.

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The subject person was identified as Nursitta Mahalli Malud.  She was apprehended for the violation of R.A. 9561 (Illegal Possession of Explosives). Search warrant No. 2022-08-03 was issued by acting Provincial Judge Alsad H. Alfadz of RTC 9th Judicial Region, Patikul, Jolo, Sulu.

Accordingly, Malud is the one in charged with her husband’s finances. Allegedly, she has been    receiving funds from unknown ASG local benefactors. Based on police reports, she funnels the collected monetary resources to the members of the said terrorist group (particularly those working under the leadership of SAWADJAAN) on the ground; who are tasked on the procurement and marketing of medical and IED components.

The following are the seized explosive and physical evidences:

  1. One (1) pc Cartridge 81mm
  2. Nine (9) inches Detonation Cord
  3. One (1) pc Blasting Cap
  4. 23 inches # 16 stranded wire attached to Blasting Cap
  5. One (1) pc 9-volt Battery (Energizer) with Snap Connector
  6. One (1) plastic container with arming switch, 15 inches #16 stranded wire loop type switch
  7. One (1) pc Electric Tape
  8. One (1) pc Lighter
  9. 15 meters nylon string
  10. One (1) shoulder Black Bag
  11. Green Notebook
  12. Assorted Identification Cards
  13. One (1) Black Keypad Samsung Phone
  14. One (1) White Samsung Android Phone
  15. One (1) Samsung J2 Android Phone
  16. Four (4) sim card
  17. Three (3) SD CARD
  18. Assorted Money Remittance Receipt
  19. One (1) LBC Encashment Form

Malud was held in custody by the personnel of Jolo MPS, while the seized physical pieces of evidence were handed over to CIDG PFU9. Explosives were kept by PECU, Sulu for proper documentation and disposition.

(Source: Area Police Command, Western Mindanao)

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