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Monthly CIDG Sacleo Netted One Suspect For Transportation And Possession Of Petroleum Products

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Monthly CIDG SACLEO netted one suspect for transportation and possession of petroleum products that have no authority and have no certificate of compliance from DOE for the possession and transportation of petroleum products which violated under PD 1865.

Joint Operatives of CIDG Surigao del Norte (SDN) PFU 13 together with Surigao City Police Station and SDN PIU in coordination with Surigao City Police Station conducted police operation on Anti-illegal trading transportation and possession of petroleum products (gasoline fuel) in consonance with the CIDG Flagship Project “Oplan Ligas” that resulted to the arrest of the mentioned below suspect and confiscation of pieces of evidence.


1.JOIARIB RIZALDO y GALINATO, male, married, 27 years old and a resident of Brgy. Rizal, Surigao City.

Confiscated items:

1.) One (1) unit Nissan Navarra color black with plate number NBJ 3842;

2.) One (1) pc. Nissan Navarra Key, and

3,) eleven (11) pcs. container color blue containing Petroleum products (gasoline fuels)


Arrested person and confiscated pieces of evidence are under the custody of CIDG SDN PFU for documentation and proper disposition while a case for BP Blg. 33 as amended by PD 1865 is being prepared for appropriate filing.

(Source: Cidg Sdn Facebook account)

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