Bacolod: P1.4B in Silay City projects start November


Bacolod City – The P1.4 billion worth of mega infrastructure projects of the administration of Mayor Joedith Gallego in Silay City, Negros Occidental, will commence on November this year, starting with the repair and renovation of its public market.

Gallego said they are currently looking for an area where they can transfer market tenants.

Of the P1.4 billion loans from the Land Bank of the Philippines, he said P300 million has been earmarked for the repair and renovation of the Silay City public market, P300 million for a city college, another P300 million for the sports complex, and P500 million for the proposed new City Hall.

The construction of the new City Hall will be the last, since its loan with Development Bank of the Philippines has been transferred to Land Bank, after no further action has been initiated by the concerned government financial institution, the mayor said.

Amid questions raised by some members of the Silay City Council, Gallego justified the securing of P1.4 billion loans to finance major infrastructure projects, stressing also that Silay City is far behind in terms of development, compared to other LGUs.

Meanwhile, Gallego is targeting a drug free city government, while campaigning for more drug cleared barangays in Silay City, Negros Occidental.

Gallego reported that about 40 percent of the 3,000 employees of the Silay City government, including casual and job order workers, were already subjected to random drug testing, with 39 having tested positive for using illegal drugs.

Of the 39 employees that tested positive, two are regular employees who have voluntarily resigned from their respective jobs, while 37 others were either job order or contract of service workers, Gallego said.

He however reported that elected officials of Silay City, him included, all tested negative for the use of illegal substances.

Asked why so many employees tested positive, Gallego said β€œit’s their personal choice.” But the mayor said he has not remiss in his duty of reminding them to help him in the fight against illegal drugs.

Gallego said some of those employees who tested positive for use of illegal substances are now undergoing Community Based Rehabilitation Program (CBRP).

The random drug testing will continue to cover all Silay City government employees, including department heads, he added. (Gilbert Bayoran via The Visayan Daily Star (TVDS), photo courtesy of TVDS)

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