Rep. Acop tells commuters: Lodge complaint against ‘abusive’ transport service providers


The chairman of the House Committee on Transportation urged commuters to file complaints against abusive transportation service providers.

House Committee on Transportation Chairperson and Antipolo Second District Rep. Romeo Acop said it is the policy of the government to encourage commuters to file complaints against abusive transportation service providers because that is their right.

Acop issued the statement after the case lodged by a commuters group against Angkas for alleged excessive fares during the holiday season.

Asked if he supports the case, Acop pointed out “that’s the policy of the government, anybody can file a case, especially those affected…citizens also have the right to complain,” he said.

“If the case has already been filed, let the proper body investigate,” he added.

Acop also urged the Department of Transportation to act on complaints of users of motorcycle ride-hailing companies. He also asked the agency to immediately address complaints of overcharging by transportation service providers and to check if they comply with the memo on motorcycle taxi pilot testing.

Earlier this month, the Coalition of Filipino Commuters (CFC) filed a complaint against motorcycle ride-hailing service Angkas with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) for failing to stop abusive drivers from overcharging customers during the holiday rush.

The LTO is the lead government agency overseeing the motorcycle taxi pilot-testing program.

The group reported that in December, Angkas riders took advantage of the heavy demand for rides by turning off their Angkas apps and charging passengers double or more the usual rates charged by the motorcycle taxi company.

The CFC stressed that Angkas should be penalized “for multiple violations of the standardized fare matrix that the MC Taxi TWG currently implements.”

“Using the holidays, or rush hours or the traffic situation to charge more from the commuting public is unacceptable and we demand that this practice be stopped,” said the group. “These violations not only cheat the commuting public of their hard-earned money, but also puts the ride hailing industry and the motorcycle taxi pilot in jeopardy.”