Eco-Tourism Activities In Sagada Suspended Amid Corona Virus Scare

Eco-Tourism Activities In Sagada Suspended Amid Corona Virus Scare

by RPN

The municipal government of Sagada, Mt. Province suspended all eco-tourism activities as a precautionary measure against the Corona Virus Disease (CVID-19).

Sagada Mayor James Pooten Jr. in an executive order signed Thursday, said that his decision is in response to the growing concern over the outbreak of Corona Virus and with the declaration of the World Health Organization (WHO) of a world health emergency.

“There is an urgent need to protect the municipality of Sagada and its residents being a top destination for tourist in the north Philippines from the threat of COVID-19 and similar strains by strictly implementing prevention and control measures.” Pooten said.

Meanwhile DOH Cordillera Center for Health and Development Regional Director Dr. Amelita Pangilinan, in the daily media briefing early today, affirmed that the region remains free of the Corona Virus Disease or COVID-19.

Dr. Pangilinan reported that confirmatory tests from the RITM showed that all 9 Person Under Investigation (PUIs) in the region are negative from the Novel Coronavirus Disease and in addition to the 5 PUIs that we’re already discharged, all 14 that were listed as PUIs are all negative.

The municipalities of Tinglayan and Pasil in Kalinga and the towns of Atok, Bakun and Kibungan in Benguet announced the temporary closure of tourist attractions and suspension of tourism related activities.

The Department of Interior and Local Government has advises all Local Government Units (LGU’s) to take precautionary measures to help contain the spread of the diseases.

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