Baguio: City Records 91 COVID-19 Deaths From Oct. 1-17


Baguio City recorded 91 Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) deaths in just 17 days from Oct. 1-17 amid its efforts to control the surge in cases fueled by the Delta variant.

Data from the UP Baguio Department of Mathematics and Computer Science and the Baguio City Health Services Office showed that 22 of the fatalities belonged to the 50-59 years old age group and 21 from the 70-79 bracket.

The 60-69 group had 18 deaths; 80-89, 14 deaths; 40-49, nine deaths; 30-39, three; 90-99, two.

The 0-9 and 20-29 groups had one death each while the 10-19 had none.

Of the 91, 71 were unvaccinated while 17 were fully vaccinated, most of whom belonged to the 60-89 groups.  Three were partially vaccinated.

The city recorded its highest number of COVID deaths in a month in September 2021 at 136.

In April and May during which the Alpha and Beta-driven surge occurred, the death tolls were 85 and 53, respectively.

The present Delta-propelled surge is the city’s fourth case peak after the Alpha and Beta-fueled swell and the first two case leaps in September 2020 and in January 2021 and it is considered the worst so far having surpassed the levels of all the past peaks on all accounts.

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