Bacolod: Low sugar prices possible


Bacolod City – Sugarcane planters might have to brace for the possibility of lower prices of sugar in the incoming milling season.

Rep. Emilio “Dino” Yulo (5th district, Negros Occidental), a former board member of the Sugar Regulatory Administration (SRA),  disclosed that sugar prices may not reach the price of P2,400 to P4,000 per sack that was achieved last year.

This is because SRA has still a huge stock balance of sugar, Yulo told RMN DYHB, stressing also that it will be challenge for small sugar planters.

The solon advised sugarcane farmers to increase their productivity to combat the expected lower prices of sugar.

In compliance with the order of SRA, two sugar centrals in northern Negros are expected to start their milling operations for Crop Year 2023-2024 on September 4.

The Lopez Sugar Corporation and Sagay Central Inc. have announced that they will start accepting canes in their respective transloading stations on September 1.

Sugar mills which open first usually get more farmer customers, according to SRA head Pablo Azcona.

SRA earlier rejected calls from three sugarcane planter federations to start the milling season on August this year, which was done last year.

Azcona pointed out that sugar production is lower in August, amid the rainy season.

Through the current schedule, Azcona said farmers will have the opportunity to choose their sugar mill based on efficiency, incentive offers, and based on the help that the mill extends to farmers. (Gilbert Bayoran via TVDS photo by TVDS)

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