Zamboanga: Two houses razed to the ground in a fire incident in Barangay Mangusu


Two houses, a store and 2 motor vehicles were razed to the ground when fire broke out in Barangay Mangusu, 77 kilometers east of the city, around 11:15pm Friday, January 13.

No one was injured during the incident but fire probers estimated the damage to property at P550,000.

The Vitali Fire Sub-station report said 2 houses, a store, a motorcycle and a tricycle were among those razed to the ground.

Cause of fire was electrical short circuit at the kitchen at the kitchen area.

Mangusu BION Alwin Tero said 3 families were displaced and are now staying with relatives near the barangay hall. The barangay council provided initial assistance to the families.

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga Facebook pagephoto courtesy by Mangusu BION Alwin A. Tero | BFP Vitali FSS via Gel Korlan)


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