Zamboanga: Sustaining Peace And Security


Personnel from the Zamboanga City Police Office (ZCPO) sustain security measures round the clock, to ensure safety and protection of the residents.

The measures include roving patrols, area security, checkpoint activities, prophylactic patrols and sea patrols among others.

Included in the daily activities is the strict enforcement of health and safety protocols, as well as quarantine guidelines not only in the city proper area but even in the barangays with the help of the Barangay Sita Task Forces.

From 5 PM of October 30, 2021 to 5 PM of October 31, 2021, operations yielded 497 violations of COVID-19 protocols that included non-observance of physical distancing – 22; curfew offenses – 58; non-wearing of face mask – 41; unauthorized motorcycle backriding – 1;no valid ID/quarantine pass – 138; use of unauthorized helmet – 5; non-wearing of face shield – 32 and unauthorized person outside residence or UPOR – 200.

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga Facebook page, photos courtesy of ZCPO)

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