Zamboanga: President Rodrigo Roa Duterte endorses KABAYAN PARTYLIST


One week before the 2022 National and Local Elections, President Duterte endorses KABAYAN PARTYLIST.

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President Duterte encouraged the Filipinos to fully support the aforementioned Party list. On

May 9, 2022.  “As we make our government genuinely inclusive and participatory, we need compassionate and competent public servants from the KABAYAN PARTYLIST”, he said.

Previously, Bongbong Marcos himself greeted the founder of Kabayan Partylist, Rep. Ron Perez Salo on his natal day. The current standard-bearer of UNITEAM commended Congressman Salo for doing a great job a as a partylist representative. “Please keep up the good work that you’re doing in congress, marami kayong natutulungan sa ating mga kababayan (you are able to help many of our fellow Filipinos)”, Marcos told Salo.

Kabayan Partylist has been serving the Philippines for almost six years now and have been working hard for the realization of their advocacies. Primarily, they focus on the improvement of healthcare services (Kalusugan), decent housing (Pabahay), sustainable livelihood programs (Kabuhayan), universal access to quality education (Edukasyon) and OFW concerns (under the acronym KABAYAN + 2). Based on an interview with Congressman Ron Salo, he articulated that they  have been passing bills for the benefit/welfare of the OFW, education sector and all other sectors around the Philippines. “Kabayan Partylist have been actively helping our countrymen not just in terms of legislation, and scholarship grants; since this pandemic started, we made it a point to make the Filipinos feel that Kabayan Partylist cares and choosing us to serve them for two consecutive terms are the best decision that they have ever made.”

Rep. Ron Perez Salo, 1st Nominee of Kabayan Partylist would like to remind the electorate to observe the minimum health protocols in placed. He also stressed-out that among the 171 official list of Partylist at the back of the voter’s ballot, Kabayan Partylist is on the 5th or no.5. Just like all the other candidates, Salo is also anticipating for a clean and honest elections this upcoming May 9, 2022. (Kristine Perez)

(Source: Rep. Ron Salo, Kabayan Partylist 1st Nominee)

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