Zamboanga: Agriculture sector loses P7M to storm-driven floods


The agriculture sector in Zamboanga city has suffered more than ₱ 7.2 million losses in damage to various crops due to the flashfloods spawned by the tropical storm last April 5.

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The City Agriculturist’s Office initially reported last week ₱ 2.203 million worth of crops and vegetables destroyed by the floods, but the figures soared to ₱ 7.2 million after final assessment as of April 11.

City Agriculturist Carmencita Sanchez reported that the high value commercial crops (HVCC) were the hardest hit by floods, sustaining a total losses of ₱ 6.7 million from 27-hectare farms, both in Vitali and Ayala districts.

The spoiled crops included eggplant, squash, string beans, ampalaya, tomato, pechay, mustard, okra, radish, cucumber, cabbage, and bell pepper—all amounting to ₱ 5.9 million in Vitali District alone.

In Ayala District, ₱ 900,000 worth of cabbage and watermelon amounting to ₱ 787,500 were destroyed.

Meanwhile, the damage to rice was pegged at ₱ 112,500 and ₱ 373,560 for corn planted in 12 hectares and 11 hectares, respectively. (Vic Larato)

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga Facebook page, photos courtesy of City Agriculturist Office)

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