Tricycle Driver In Abra Gunned Down


Tayum, Abra – A tricycle driver here was fatally shot by gunmen onboard a motorcycle before midnight Wednesday, October 6.

Police identified the victim as Dionisio Sequerra Jr., of Barangay Macray Bangued.

Investigation showed that Sequerra and his lived-in partner was sitting outside the Tejero’s residence at Barangay Deet when the suspects appeared and the back rider immediately draw his gun but the victim run inside the house and the suspect chased and shot him five times using caliber .45 Pistol.

Sequerra sustained multiple bullet wounds, the suspects fled towards an unknown direction.

SOCO Team processed the crime scene and recovered five empty shell, one deformed slug and one metallic fragment of caliber 45 pistol.

Police personnel of Tayum Municipal Station are conducting follow-up investigation in the area that could shed light on the murder. (Photo courtesy of PNP Cordillera)

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