SURNECO Nag Esplikar Sa Bayronon Sa Konsumo Sa Kuryente


Our electric bill or Statement of Account (SOA) for this April 2020 billing month, is on its on-going distribution already. Thus, there are some informations we have to clarify.

As you have observed (please refer attached photo), PENALTY for the unpaid previous billing month (March 2020 billing) was cited/reflected on our bill despite the payment extensions implemented.

Hence, we would like to emphasize that there is NO PENALTY for the previous month unpaid bill. The ones reflected on your bill is only a pre-programmed format, that will automatically add penalty once not paid.

The programmer of the system was unable to make the necessary revisions on time, since we have schedules strictly followed to meet the normal billing cycle.

Rest assured that there will be NO PENALTY to be imposed on your unpaid March 2020 billing.

If problems may exist in relation to the said concern, please notify our office thru our Consumer Welfare Facilitator, in order to make the necessary adjustments.

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