Surigao: Police authorities and Bantay Dagat rippled Law Enforcement Effectiveness in province-wide marine conservation efforts

photo courtesy of SDN PPO

Enhancing the unparalleled movement preserving marine ecosystems and safeguarding municipal fisheries, San Benito along with Bantay Dagat and Alegria police authorities have embarked on a comprehensive campaign against illegal fishing. Operating personnel from unit stations adhered to the given mandate in organizing an aggressive action against unlawful fishing practices, yesterday.

Police Colonel Laudemer M Laude, Provincial Director, identified three apprehended male suspects: an elderly 65-year-old, and a 39-year-old, both married fishermen and residents of Purok 5, Barangay Talisay, town of San Benito; and a 56 years old, married, resident of Barangay Pungtod, Alegria Surigao del Norte province.

Based on the report submitted, San Benito Municipal Police Station quickly responded to the strict prohibition of illegal fishing within its jurisdiction. Personnel from the said unit administered the conduct of a seaborne patrol operation at the marine sanctuary of Barangay Talisay, San Benito town, Surigao del Norte, resulting in the arrest of two suspects after being caught yesterday around 2:00 PM by the said authorities performing illegal fishing with improvised equipment using spear gun aimed at catching fish underwater that constitutes a risk in the lives of fisherfolks. Both suspects will face charges against committing the offense under the Municipal Ordinance No. 089-16, Series of 2016.

Meanwhile, Alegria Municipal Police Station has achieved a significant arrest of a 56-year-old suspect who was caught undeniably engaging in illegal fishing practices at the municipal lake waters of its town. Unregulated and prohibited fishing gear identified as “Laya” and “Bontoy” were subject to the arrest of the suspect as police authorities found them in the suspect’s possession. He was held under police custody for violating Municipal Ordinance No. 1, Series of 2011.

Items confiscated from their possessions: one spear gun, one sea goggles, one flipper, a unit of the wooden canoe, 30 meters long of fine mesh net locally known as “Laya”, fishing gear as “Bontoy”, and around fifteen kilograms of assorted fish, with a total estimated cost of approximately Php2,200.00.

“While the apprehension of these suspects is a cause for celebration, it’s important to acknowledge that the fight against illegal fishing is ongoing. Let this successful arrest serve as a springboard for continued enforcement efforts. By working together, we can create a strong deterrent against illegal fishing and ensure the sustainability of our marine resources for future generations coming our way”, PD Laude said.

The arrested suspects and confiscated items are now under the custody of the apprehending municipal police station for proper disposition, including the settlement of their fines at the Treasurer’s office.

To deter potential offenders, this campaign is set to implement stringent penalties for illegal fishing activities. Legal frameworks will be strengthened to ensure that those caught engaging in illicit practices face significant consequences as its conclusion. (Mark James Lisondra)

(Source: SDN PPO)

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