Surigao: Illegal Logging Interception: Tubod MPS confiscates Timber Haul, suspect evades arrest

(Photo courtesy of SDNPPO)

In adherence to forest preservation and environmental protection, local Police authorities of Tubod Municipal Station, conducted an anti-illegal operation which resulted in the confiscation of illegally sawn lumbers charged for the offense violating Presidential Decree 705 on Illegal Logging, yesterday.

Provincial Top Cop, Police Colonel Laudemer M Laude, identified the male suspect of legal age whose job description has been disclosed as a farmer (at large), with his known residency at Purok Santan, Barangay San Pablo, Town of Tubod, Surigao del Norte.

With a concerted effort to combat the rampant issue of illegal logging, a targeted operation in the serene enclave of Purok Santan, Brgy. San Pablo, Tubod, Surigao del Norte, yielded significant results, with law enforcement officers seizing a cache of illicit timber products.

According to the official police report, the operation was administered at approximately 5:45 PM and culminated in the confiscation of six pieces of 2x4x12 sawn lumber, totaling 48.00 board feet, and one piece of round log measuring 50.88 board feet. All confiscated timber belonged to the Antipolo species, possessing a collective market value of Php4,449.00.

Despite the police presence, the alleged perpetrator, managed to evade his arrest, slipping away from the scene before authorities could apprehend him. Meanwhile, a follow-up police operation shall be underway, making an assurance to chase after the elusive individual.

In response to the interception, Tubod MPS has taken custody of the recovered forest products for proper disposition, ensuring that the contraband is handled by legal protocols, anchored in the fight against anti-illegal practices.

“Illegal logging poses a significant threat to the environmental integrity and sustainability of Surigao del Norte’s lush landscapes. The decisive action taken by Tubod MPS serves as a testament to the commitment of law enforcement agencies in safeguarding the region’s natural resources and upholding environmental conservation efforts.” PD Laude said.

Further, substantial evidence of forest products will be properly turned over to the office of the Department of Environmental and Natural Resources for proper documentation and disposition. (Mark James Lisondra)

(Source: SDNPPO)

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