Surrender for Safety: Surigao del Norte locals hand over Eight Loose Firearms in SurNte PNP’s Anti-Gun Campaign

(Photo courtesy of SDNPPO)

For the prevention of using loose firearms in criminal activities and for the public safety of the province, eight loose firearms were voluntarily surrendered to Gigaquit, Malimono, Sison, Dapa, Pilar, Del Carmen, San Benito, and Sta. Monica Municipal Police Stations yesterday, April 21.

Police Colonel Laudemer M. Laude, Provincial Director, acknowledged a 28-year-old married farmer from Barangay Mahanub, Gigaquit; a 36-year-old married farmer from Barangay Cantapoy, Malimono; a 47-year-old single farmer from Barangay San Pedro Sison; a 47-year-old single carpenter from Poblacion, Dapa; a 35-year-old farmer from Barangay Consolacion, Pilar; a 55-year-old married fisherman from Barangay Del Carmen, Del Carmen; a 60-year-old married from Barangay Talisay, San Benito; and a 20-year-old jobless from Barangay T Arlan, Sta. Monica, all from Surigao del Norte, for their promptness in turning in their loose firearms to the local police stations in Surigao del Norte.

Yesterday, eight municipal police stations received and put to record the voluntarily surrendered five units of improvised shotguns with two pieces of 12-gauge serviceable ammunition; one unit of.38 revolver pistol without ammunition and serial number; .38 revolver Smith and Wesson with no serial number with three cal.38 ammunition; and one unit of Caliber 45 Pistol (SAM Shooters-1911) with Serial Number: S 10981287, including one magazine with seven rounds of ammunition.

“SDN PNP stands strong in removing loose firearms from circulation to help prevent accidental discharge or their potential use in a crime. Together, let’s take a stand against the dangers posed by loose firearms. By voluntarily turning in these loose firearms, your actions today can make a significant difference in ensuring the security and well-being of our province,” PD Laude stated.

The surrendered loose firearms and ammunition are now under the custody of the respective municipal police stations for record and proper disposition.

Republic Act No. 10591 defines a loose firearm as any firearm that falls into the following categories: unregistered firearms; firearms that have been tampered with or altered; firearms reported as lost or stolen; illegally manufactured firearms; registered firearms held by someone other than the licensed owner; and firearms whose licenses have been revoked, as specified by the relevant rules and regulations. (Mark James Lisondra)

(Source: SDNPPO)

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