People Power Defeats KMU in Compostela, Members Surrender to LGU


New Bataan, Compostela Valley Province –The Department of Labor and employment (DOLE) requested the Eastern Mindanao Command of AFP assistance to the PNP in upholding peace in Compostela amidst the strike staged by the Kilusang Mayo Uno members. The 10thAgila Division tasked the66th Infantry Battalion to ensure that peace will reign in the KMU strike-laden Compostela Municipality which big contributor of the people source of living is the banana industry. Doing that mandate, in adherence to the rule of law, the kabalikat troops deployed in support to the operations of the PNP in responding to reported violent incidents initiated by both parties, the KMU and the affected workers. The main focus of the army unit is the armed group if any but it turned out the 66IB medics’role was to give medical care to hurt people from both sides during the scuffle.

KMU led personalities were successful in closing down several packing plants for several days that caused the other more than 3,000 non-members to stop working. It was on October 11, 2018 that the rage of the people was felt by the KMU when they were forced out of their picket lines. It was indeed a manifestation that evil will not triumph if good people will react and do something.

As an offshoot of the pacified chaos in Compostela, KMU members surrendered to the LGU. The local officials of Compostela led by Mayor Lema Bolo and the barangay captains have been willingly accepting the surrender. The former KMU members had been made to sign disaffiliation documents by assigned lawyers and then they have to undergo reorientation process by the municipal government with the willing assistance of the 66th Infantry Battalion if requested. As of this report, there are already more than a hundred out of the less than 300 KMU members who denounced their membership and signed their disaffiliation documents from the leftist organization.

MGen Noel S Clement, Commander of the 10th Infantry Division said “This is indeed a clear manifestation that the democracy is reigning high in our country and the proper way of exercising it was shown by the people of Compostela Municipality. Your Army will always be there to protect the peace, ensuring that both sides are protected from harm and we are ready to assist everyone with extreme care of not violating anyone’s rights. We shall assist the Local Government Units in reorienting our lost brothers and sisters for them to have another chance in a peaceful and happy living”.

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