PDP Laban Starts Issuing CONA To Its Official Candidates


The ruling party PDP Laban has started issuing Certificates of Nomination and Acceptance (CONA) to their official candidates in the 2022 national elections.

“As we have promised our party mates during our national convention on 08 September in Pampanga, we will be processing their CONA as soon as possible to enable them to file their certificate of candidacy (COC) within the deadline specified by the Commission on Elections,” said PDP Laban Secretary General Atty. Melvin Matibag.

The Comelec will start accepting COCs from 01 to 08 October 2021.

During its convention, PDP Laban unanimously adopted Sen. Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go as their official candidate for President, with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte as his vice presidential running mate. President Duterte has accepted the nomination but Go has declined.

Matibag said the CONA is important because only those candidates with valid CONA are considered as official candidates of their respective political party or coalition otherwise, they would be considered merely as independent candidates.

Under Comelec Resolution No. 10717 promulgated last 18 August 2021, the CONA is valid if signed by authorized signatories, including the Chairperson, President, or Secretary General of the concerned political party or coalition.

Last 07 September, the PDP Laban led by its President Alfonso Cusi, filed a petition before the Comelec asking the poll body to declare the group led by Senators Manny Pacquiao and Aquilino Pimentel as illegitimate.

Pacquiao’s group had claimed to have ousted Cusi, Matibag and even President Duterte from their respective positions in the ruling party. The PDP Laban petition accused Pacquio’s group of “usurping party authority and pretending to be representatives of our party.”

Meanwhile, Cusi rallied his party mates and the public to support President Rodrigo Duterte amid mounting efforts by critics to discredit the Chief Executive.

“I will vote for Rodrigo Duterte for Vice President in 2022 because of his proven and effective leadership,” Cusi said.

He explained that President Duterte remained committed in his vision to weed out corruption in our country and demonstrated his willingness to take an unpopular stand in favor of what is good and beneficial for the majority of our people.

“His leadership of a suffering nation in the time of a pandemic has ensured that despite finite resources, we were able to receive the aid needed by way of providing relief goods and vaccinations, as well as providing accessible health care services,” Cusi said.

Likewise, he stated that President Duterte’s foreign policy has ushered in a new era that emboldened a small nation such as ours to push back against unequal terms, such as the Visiting Forces Agreement and Canada and their garbage, while still taking utmost care to maintain traditional relationships.

Cusi said President Duterte is a “responsible world leader who won’t shirk his commitment to the brotherhood of nations,” as shown by his willingness to open our doors to Afghan refugees.

“It is for the above reasons that I will vote for Rodrigo Duterte for Vice President in 2022, to ensure the continuation of his courageous leadership and good governance,” Cusi concluded. (RPN DXKS Surigao via PDP Press Release)


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