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Monday, December 4, 2023

New normal, new snack habits

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Snacking is growing. All around the world there is a universal snacking need: the lines between meals and snacks are blurring. Especially with more people staying at home during this new/now normal, snacking has even made way for new traditions shared with the family. This World Chocolate Day presents the best opportunity to make new snack routines and to bond with your family by sharing the Philippines’ favorite chocolate, Cadbury Dairy Milk.

According to a survey on snacking behavior during the pandemic, 69% of parents who are currently working from home have developed new snacking habits with their family. Some ¾ have also said that snacking is one of the few times that the family comes together. This survey is called the State of Snacking and was commissioned in 2020 globally by Cadbury Dairy Milk’s parent company Mondelēz International.

“While working from home has enabled more families to be together under one roof, each member’s activities may sometimes get in the way of actually being together,” expounds Raf Baradas, Cadbury Dairy Milk Brand Manager. “Thankfully with more families under one roof also comes the opportunity to get together more often and have enjoyable bonding moments to make their time more special. Chocolate’s a great snack because it’s ready to eat anytime, it’s delicious so everybody loves it, and with Cadbury Dairy Milk’s packs you can easily track how much you’re snacking on. Just grab it from the refrigerator and it’s ready for delicious snack time.”

Cadbury Dairy Milk is encouraging families to drop the mobile gadgets and have fun bonding with family with the brand’s many products great for sharing. Whenever it’s time for a snack at home, grab these Cadbury Dairy Milk packs to enjoy with the family. Let’s see what kinds of sharing can you do?

  1. The Fair Sharer: You want equal chocolate bites for every member of the family. With chocolate this good, you want to avoid arguments over who gets more – you’re already arguing over what to watch on TV as it is. So, you get the Cadbury Dairy Milk Share Bag, with individually wrapped pieces you can easily count and share. 
  2. The Reluctant Sharer: Okay so you maybe don’t really want to share but know it’s the right thing to do. So, you get the big Cadbury Dairy Milk 165g bar and snap off pieces for your family while playing video games together after dinner. With you holding the pack, who can tell if you’ve had a few more bites than they have? Promise, we’ll never tell.
  3. The Loving Sharer: You want sharing to be intimate. Chocolate time is sitting closely together in the living room while talking about your lives, school or work. Your perfect pack is the Cadbury Dairy Milk Bites. You and your family can pass it around while enjoying your chat and snack.
  4. The Special Sharer: Family time is gold – literally. This is why you prepare to make it more special than the usual! You step into the kitchen and whip up your favorite cupcake recipe but with a twist… you top it off with Cadbury Dairy Milk Panned Nuts. Your snack reflects the special place that family time has in your heart. Enjoy it on the weekends to make sharing a more memorable experience.  

With Cadbury Dairy Milk, delicious snack time with the family is just a grab away. Make new traditions and enjoy bonding moments together as you stay safely at home while enjoying chocolate goodness. Order today on World Chocolate Day! Make sure you stock up and store your fridge with Cadbury Dairy Milk for your family. Buy them at leading supermarkets, mobile delivery apps and e-commerce stores and enjoy your new snacking at home habits today!

Image courtesy of DAVID GARMSEN

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