Negros Occidental Stores Told To Follow New SRPs Of Basic, Prime Goods

Negros Occidental Stores Told To Follow New SRPs Of Basic, Prime Goods

by RPN

The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in Negros Occidental reminded establishments in the province, including those in this capital city, to comply with the new suggested retail prices (SRPs) of basic and prime goods.

Romel Amihan, the senior trade and industry development specialist of DTI-Negros Occidental, said they received recently the memorandum from the central office on the new SRPs effective September 30.

“We are set to release the list of establishments in the province through the price monitoring team. Erring establishments may be charged with profiteering,” Amihan added.

Based on the memorandum, price increases were noted among selected canned sardines, noodles, coffee refill, and three-in-one variants, processed canned meat, condiments, and toilet soap.

Price adjustments for bottled water are mainly due to the rising cost of raw materials, packaging materials, and safeguard duty imposed, it added.

Necessities included in the DTI monitoring are products such as soap, milk, coffee, salt, bread, and sardines, while examples of prime commodities are all kinds of canned goods except sardines.

The new SRPs for canned sardines in tomato sauce range from PHP13.25 to PHP17.25, depending on the brand and net weight.

For milk, condensed costs between PHP28 and PHP72; evaporated, PHP21 to PHP57; and powdered milk, PHP43.50 to PHP73.30.

Prices of 25 grams to 50 grams of refill coffee range from PHP16.95 to PHP39.40 while three-in-one original is priced at PHP4.10 to PHP7.85 per 17 grams to 33 grams of various brands.

For other necessities, bread costs PHP21.50 to PHP35; instant noodles, PHP6.45 to PHP7.75; salt, PHP3.55 to PHP23.55; detergent soap, PHP16.35 to PHP21; distilled bottled water, PHP11 to PHP85; purified water, PHP6 to PHP19.50; mineralized water, PHP6 to PHP72; and candles, PHP29.75 to PHP115, still depending on the brand and net weight.

Minimum prices of prime commodities, such as meatloaf range from PHP16.50 to PHP19.80; corned beef, PHP26 to PHP32; and beef loaf, PHP15.75 to PHP24.90. (Erwin Nicavera PNA via 09NDB)

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