Maxicare opens health plan for start-ups, SMEs


Major health-care provider Maxicare recently launched its Maxicare SME (small and medium scale enterprises)Healthcare Plans to enable startups, micro and small businesses to provide health-care plans for their employees.

Maxicare believes entrepreneurs should provide quality health care for their employees’ well-being, especially nowadays when staying healthy is of utmost importance. After all, healthy employees make for a strong, profitable business. 

In an online news briefing, Milky Gallegos, assistant vice president (AVP) for Consumer Marketing of Maxicare, explained that SMEs generally view health-care plans as expensive or an extra expense, which is not the case in this instance.

“Recently, we conducted a study among hundreds of employees across the country, and it turns out that SMEs, I mean those who don’t invest in HMO [health maintenance organization], spend an average of about P21,600 per employee per year on health-care expenses. So this is on top of payroll, and expenses such as cash advance, or pautang, you know whenever an employee or an employee’s family member gets sick. It’s a significant amount,” Gallegos pointed out. 

With Maxicare’s array of health-care plans, Gallegos assured SMEs would get quality health care with an affordable premium. 

Maxicare SME health-care plans, offers cost-effective plans that are a lot less than P21,000.

In fact, depending on the size of your business, Gallegos said they have plans that start as low as P4,600 to P6,000 per employee per year. “So this big difference in the amount of spending is something that a lot of SMEs are not aware of. And the key point that I want to make and to highlight today is that investing in Maxicare SME health-care plans not only gives your employees access to quality health care, but also protects your business from unplanned expenses. It really is an investment for the employees and the business itself,” Gallegos explained.

Gallegos said Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans are designed with entrepreneurs and their employees’ best health in mind.

At the #GrowthStartsWithCare, #MarvinAgustinChoosesMaxicare Facebook Live event held for members of media last September 24, Maxicare also unveiled their newest celebrity brand ambassador, entrepreneur Marvin Agustin. 

The former teen idol selected Maxicare SME Healthcare Plans for all his employees, even when his businesses were not as profitable as compared to pre-pandemic times.

“We had to follow the safety protocols and at the same time, the threat of Covid is serious. We won’t be able to operate if people, your employees and your staff would get sick, and also not safe for the customers,” he said.  

Agustin admitted he was at first reluctant on getting health-care plans for his employees. “I’ll be honest, before this partnership with Maxicare, even for myself I was not keen because I viewed it as an extra expense. But you know, hearing and learning about Maxicare’s SME plans, they just made it convenient and affordable that I did not have second thoughts of getting a plan for company, the employees and myself. They [also designed the plan] for the SMEs. You don’t need to worry about out the cost because it gives you and the staff health coverage,” Agustin said.

Just like other SMEs, Agustin thought there wasn’t a health-care plan suited for his business. Before, he thought an HMO was only for the big companies. Agustin explained further that providing quality health care not only keeps his employees healthy. It’s also for the sake of his many businesses.

“Given that there’s Covid, there’s this threat of us getting sick anytime. I’m happy that Maxicare reached out to me, [and I] have learned more. Now, I am more ready to do my business, to succeed with my team, and my team and my staff would also have peace of mind that if ever something happens to them, there’s Maxicare that would help them,” the actor cum entrepreneur said.  

When his employees are in tiptop shape, it helps make his businesses more profitable, showing that #GrowthStartsWithCare! 

Leading provider

With 33 years in the business, 1.6 million members, and accepted by over 1,000 hospitals and clinics around the country, it’s no wonder that Maxicare is a leading provider of the finest health care in the Philippines. 

Jennifer Haw, one of Agustin’s employees and operations manager of Yummyverse Group, was relieved and happy, knowing that she has a Maxicare SME Healthcare Plan that will take care of her.

“I am happy Maxicare is giving you peace of mind because you know that it would take care of your employees. Even if you have a small workforce, I suggest you get a plan for peace of mind of family members especially at this time. Don’t scrimp on health-care because this will help you sustain your business,” Haw said. 

Jen Limbaring, AVP for Consumer Sales of Maxicare, mentioned that these health care plans also cover pandemic-related diseases as she laid out the different health-care plans: 

  • Maxicare Plus is a comprehensive HMO program for small businesses with 10-99 employees
  • Maxicare Starter Plan is a comprehensive HMO program for micro businesses with 3-9 employees
  • Maxicare BusinessEssential is Maxicare SME’s most affordable offer with options to have an Outpatient Care Program or an Outpatient Care + Confinement Care HMO program for companies with 3-99 employees.

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