Mariwasa launches two new products that promote style and comfort in homes and establishments


Knowing the importance of sturdy and stylish flooring, Mariwasa Siam Ceramics Inc. recently released two new products — vinyl resilient flooring and tile grout — that promote style, comfort, and quality materials to homeowners.

One of the two products that the company launched is its vinyl flooring. Available in 30×30 cm size, Mariwasa’s new vinyl flooring line boasts quality with style.

The tiles are made from polyvinyl chloride, known throughout the world for their sturdiness. Homeowners can continue their daily activities and even engage in rigorous ones without worrying about breaking their tiles or leaving unwanted marks on them.

Mariwasa’s vinyl floor tiles also come in a variety of designs to meet their customers’ preferences.

For a more rustic feeling, the vinyl comes in shades of brown and wood patterns that are easy on the eyes and invoke a welcome feeling in the space. Mariwasa also developed a design that maintains the cozy vibe while giving off a sense of luxury through the “Meteor” vinyl floor tile. It features earthy yet regal tones, such as bronze, in an intricate pattern.

But for homeowners looking for a more modern approach, the vinyl tiles also come in bright and minimalistic shades that are chic and easy on the eyes. Having them in a room can liven up the space while presenting a relaxing aura.

The recommended area of application for Mariwasa’s vinyl tiles is in living rooms and bedrooms, where homeowners usually feel relaxed and seek comfort.

With Mariwasa’s new vinyl tile collection, homeowners can enjoy sturdy and stylish floor tiles without going through the hassle of installment and maintenance, or going over their budget. 

Since the tiles are made from polyvinyl chloride, they are easy to maintain, easy to install, waterproof, and cost-saving.

Tile Grout: a Professional Finish

When applying tiles, one way to make sure that they’re installed correctly and durably is by using tile grout. Tile grouts are any suitable products used to fill the joints between all types of tiles. It secures the tile to its base and acts as a sealant to prevent moisture from penetrating joints.

Since Mariwasa is presenting itself as a one-stop-shop where homeowners can get housing fixtures and installation materials, it also released a new tile grout product to help homeowners build or maintain their homes.

The company’s new tile grout is easy to apply, has superior compressive strength, is non-fading, and is uniform in color to meet the brand’s goal of providing consumers with quality yet stylish products.

It is made from a mixture of hydraulic binding agents, aggregates, as well as inorganic and organic additives.

For best results, homeowners must adhere to the instruction manual that comes with their new tile grout. Some common mistakes that occur when applying tile grout include mixing an excessive amount of water or polymer additive, and improper cleaning of the grout and grout haze on the tile.

This can result in ineffective tile grout, a noticeable uneven color between the tiles, or efflorescence which is the whitish mineral residue on the grout. Efflorescence is a crystalline deposit of salts that can form when water is present in or on materials such as brick, concrete, stone, or other building surfaces.

Some ways to avoid common mistakes are by using clean water and referring to the product’s manual. Avoiding overwashing also helps as it increases the amount of water in grout and can also increase the risk of standing water being left in the grout line.

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