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Isuzu partners with Velocity Motor Sales Corp.

ISUZU Philippines Corp. (IPC) is on a roll in expanding its dealership network. With the goal “road to 50 dealerships” in place, the company recently achieved its 47th outlet by formally solidifying its partnership with Isuzu Subic under Velocity Motor Sales Corporation (VMSC). Led by none other than IPC president Hajime Koso together with vice president of Sales Yasuhiko Oyama, the first-ever virtual contract signing ceremony was also graced by VMSC president and Director Jason Hao together with Director Jeffrey Hao Lin.

“IPC officially welcomes Velocity Motor Sales Corporation to our growing network. As you may all know, we are on our “road to 50 dealerships” and today seals our 47th outlet nationwide. We have been wanting to further establish our presence in Zambales, so thank you to Velocity Motors for partnering with us in capturing the market and being part of our expansion project. We are committed to continuously provide the best products and services in our new home in Subic,” said Koso.

(From left) IPCpresident Hajime
Koso and IPC vice president of Sales Yasuhiko Oyama.

In late 2019, VMSC held its formal site groundbreaking in Subic Gateway, Subic Bay Freeport Zone, making the upcoming facility the first-ever Isuzu dealership in the area. Becoming one of the most competitive international services and logistic centers in Southeast Asia, Subic Bay Freeport Zone continues to be one of the Philippine’s major economic zone, receiving numerous investment projects. Considering these opportunities, Isuzu Subic is poised to become the automotive and transport solution hub to cater to the fast-growing province of Zambales.

VMSC is highly recognized for their expertise and achievements in trucks and bodybuilding operation on the northern coast of Central Luzon. “Isuzu is without a doubt the undisputed number one brand for trucks and equally successful in the SUV and pickup segments. At Velocity Motors, we choose to invest only in the best, and IPC is such in its circle of competence,” said Hao. “Headed by Mr. Koso, we are confident that IPC will always choose the best balance of products and systems of operations for its clients, shareholders, and us dealers, ensuring success for years to come,” he added.

The upcoming dealership will soon rise in an expansive 3,799-sq.m property and strategically located within the Freeport Zone. Like the previously inaugurated dealerships, Isuzu Subic will rise donning the modern Isuzu Outlet Standard (IOS) building design, including its vehicle showroom, customer mezzanine area, and parts warehouse. The main area will hold a 1,380-sq.m service workshop that caters to both commercial and light commercial vehicles. Moreover, there will also be a dedicated 1,518-sq.m off-site space with a preparation bay and paint booth for body repairs. Having a spacious and separate area would enable the facility to accommodate more vehicles, especially trucks that require heavy-duty maintenance.

VMSC DirectorJeffrey Hao Lin and VMSC president / Director Jason Hao.

Triple-star recognition

Meanwhile, IPC was recently recognized by Isuzu Motors Limited in Japan for earning Triple Stars in the 2020 Aftersales Awards. Only four other distributors and dealers in the six regions around the globe were awarded the top rating. The company strives to sustain this achievement in the coming years. Isuzu Subic’s extended facility and increased capacity are just one of several action plans to provide more access to the brand’s highest quality of aftersales servicing and parts fulfillment in the country.

“Subic is primed to become the most competitive international services and logistic center in Southeast Asia, continuously leading to be one of the country’s major economic engines receiving numerous investment projects. Despite some unrealized revenue targets as a result of the pandemic, the city remains thriving, especially its trading and shipment industries. Isuzu Subic is our response to the growing transportation requirements in Zambales, most especially for trucks as IPC begun expansion so as to contribute to our customers’ success,” Koso added.

Hao, for his part, shared, “Velocity Motors will persevere and see to it that we will uphold Isuzu’s commitment to Filipinos here in Subic. Being in business for over 40 years, we have been witnesses to the cycles of industry and commerce in the region being in constant evolution, more so now in transition to the new normal. But we are in this for the long haul and believe that winners are tested and built through time.”

Images courtesy of Isuzu Philippines and Ricco Torres

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