Iriga: PNP Bicol successfully secures major events in Albay

(Photo courtesy of PNP Kasurog Bicol)

Camp BGen Simeon A Ola, Legazpi City – PNP Bicol, under the leadership of PBGEN ANDRE P DIZON, Regional Director was able to successfully secure four major events in Albay for the months of April and early May this year.

The recently concluded Bicol Loco, Palarong Bicol, the celebrated Magayon Festival to include Fluvial Procession of the Image of Our Lady of Salvacion in Legazpi City were all effectively secured through the concerted efforts of the PNP Bicol in collaboration with partner agencies.

To ensure the safety and security of participants and attendees, the unit deployed maximum number of personnel strategically positioned across various venues. Heightened police presence, both on foot and through mobile patrols, played a crucial role in deterring criminal activities.

In addition, the establishment of PNP checkpoints, police assistance desks, and motorist assistance centers facilitated seamless navigation for visitors, tourists, and delegates throughout the duration of the events.

In response to the influx of attendees, intelligence-driven operations were intensified to continuously monitor and address potential security threats promptly.

Harnessing the power of social media, PNP Bicol utilized its Facebook accounts to provide real-time updates on the events and remind the public to remain vigilant against unlawful elements.

Despite the focus on event security, the PNP Bicol remained steadfast in its commitment to law enforcement by conducting operations targeting wanted individuals, illegal drug activities, and the proliferation of loose firearms. These operations yielded significant results, further bolstering the unit’s dedication to community safety.

PBGEN DIZON expressed his gratitude to its partner agencies and the public for their steady support throughout the events. He emphasized that the success of these endeavors was made possible by their cooperation and understanding.

Looking ahead, PBGEN DIZON affirmed that the security measures implemented by the PNP Bicol will continue unabated in preparation for upcoming activities, highlighting the unit’s strong commitment to safeguard the public.

(Source: PNP Kasurog Bicol)

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