Iriga: 1st Semester Solid Waste Management Board (SWMB) Meeting for CY 2024

photo courtesy of Lungsod Ng Iriga

The Local Government of Iriga, through the General Service Office (GSO) headed by Engr. Eddie Belmonte spearheaded “the 1st Semester Solid Waste Management Board meeting for the CY2024.” The event was held on May 24 at the SP Session Hall attended by Mayor Rex Oliva, who emphasized the administration’s commitment to sustainable waste management practices. Key topics of discussion included strategies for waste reduction, enhancing recycling efforts, proper waste disposal methods, and increasing community engagement.

The meeting aimed to devise comprehensive strategies to improve Iriga City’s waste management program. Attendees collaborated on innovative initiatives to reduce waste, implement efficient recycling processes, and ensure proper disposal. Emphasizing the importance of community involvement, the board discussed ways to engage citizens in maintaining cleanliness and sustainability. This initiative reflects the city’s dedication to creating a cleaner, healthier environment for all residents.

(Source: Lungsod Ng Iriga)

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