Gradual Lifting Of Quarantine Being Seen By Health Experts In Region


Davao City:     Health experts in Davao Region are seeing COVID 19 cases decline in the recent days with fewer or even zero confirmed cases in three consecutive days. They still recommend for a graduated lifting of community quarantine.

In a Virtual Presser held Monday, Southern Philippines Medical Center (SPMC) Chief of Hospital Dr. Leopoldo Vega presented some graphs that showed Davao Region is flattening the curve.

“ Speaking for SPMC, it looks like the conditions are controlled in a certain way. In the last two weeks we did not see any kind of surge. The total number of patients admitted is 74 and there is a gradual increase in the recovery with 41 patients and only 15 deaths”, Dr. Vega explained.

He further elaborated that in the coming days, if these conditions would retain, then he could really say that COVID 19 had been controlled.

In the scope of Davao region, Assistant Regional director Dr. Lenny Joy Rivera of the Department of Health XI laid down latest updates on COVID 19 which includes absence of new cases in three consecutive days covering April 6, 10, and 12. Fewer to even zero deaths are also reported in the past few days.

Total deaths recorded is 15 which is only 16 percent of the total 90 confirmed cases as of April 12. Commulative number of Persons Under Investigation (PUI) has reached 1,066; 87 of which are currently admitted in the different COVID facilities in the region. Since the start of this pandemic, a total of 23,645 Persons Under Monitoring (PUMs) were recorded. About 63 percent of which or 14,913 have been cleared.

In terms of testings, the SPMC’s molecular laboratory processed 1,685 specimen. Only 8.5 percent of such number yielded positive result while 93 percent or 1,555 tested negative while the remaining of the percentage remains with pending result.

Local chief executives await for advice from health officials before they decide on the next step to make after the Enhanced Community Quarantine declaration will expire by April 19 in Davao City.

“ We can’t just put our guards down because there might be a second wave if we don’t maintain some guarantees on people’s behavior and actions.”

Vega said conditions such as social and physical distancing, wearing of masks, and avoiding crowded places must be maintained.

Aside from the cited conditions, the hospital chief also highlighted the need for some individuals to change their behavior.

“ People need to modify their behavior. If a person smokes,  this is the best time to look into the impact of a behavior not consistent for COVID. If you are a smoker or a heavy drinker, then better watch out, you need to change your behaviour now. Take good care of yourself,  do exercise, eat healthy food, and sleep early.”

Both doctors, Vega and Rivera stressed that the DOH is closely studying the trend in cases including some considerations and will submit these data along with recommendations to local chief executives as possible basis for decision making. Common to both is the need for a gradual lifting of the community quarantine. (PIA XI/Frances Mae Macapagat)

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