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Celebrities Aira Lopez and Kyle Maceda host ‘Cycling Unlimited’ in March 2022 on CNN Philippines

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IF there’s one thing this pandemic has highlighted, it’s that the bicycle is essential. 

With people looking for a safe, healthy and affordable means of transportation, the demand for bikes of all kinds skyrocketed and re-ignited the Filipino’s passion for this two-wheeled mode of transport.

For enthusiasts, cycling gives them joy and different adventures which see them through the hard times brought about by the pandemic.

With more and more Filipinos turning to biking, entrepreneur Romeo Martin thought of coming up with a blocktime TV show dedicated to cycling. Aptly titled Cycling Unlimited, this show to be aired on CNN Philippines will explore anything and everything about cycling from the perspective of hobbyists, enthusiasts and athletes.

The show also aims to be the glue that will bond a community of cyclists and help people gain more insights about bicycles, the best practices of cycling, and the many benefits it offers.

To be hosted by triathlete/vlogger and champion cyclist herself, Aira Lopez, and model and biking enthusiast Kyle Maceda, this infotainment TV show will chronicle the “Journey of a Filipino Cyclist”—from the joys of cycling to the rights and responsibilities of a good rider—and every good stuff in between. The 23-year-old former flight attendant, Lopez has been biking before her teens and is excited to share her experiences and her many wins in various cycling competitions. Together with Maceda, they would be giving tips not only about bikes and cycling but also the beautiful places of the Philippines, its culture, and food and dining destinations, among others.

A weekly program directed by Peter Allan Mariano, Cycling Unlimited makes its debut in March 2022.

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