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Batac: Norte’s “Tan-ok 2024” to showcase Ilokano oral traditions

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This year’s “Tan-ok ni Ilocano: Festival of Festivals” (The Greatness of the Ilocano) will showcase the unique oral traditions of participating municipalities and cities on February 16 at the new Ferdinand E. Marcos Memorial Stadium in Laoag City.

“Tan-ok Festival” will feature 23 contingents, with performances highlighting various aspects of Ilokano culture. Among these, a significant focus will be on the preservation and celebration of oral traditions, as the home of Ilocos Norte’s Provincial Patroness.

The towns of Adams, Carasi, Vintar, Nueva Era, and Dumalneg, renowned for their indigenous communities, will share their faith, religion and healing rituals. Additionally, Badoc will present its cultural traditions in this aspect, further enriching the oral heritage showcased at the festival.

Meanwhile, the municipalities of Marcos and Dingras will shed light on the vital role of farming in their communities, intertwining agricultural narratives with the oral traditions passed down through generations.

The significance of coastal life as a livelihood will be highlighted by towns of Pasuquin, Currimao, Pagudpud, and Bangui, offering insights into the maritime heritage and traditions of the Ilokano coastal communities.

Moreover, other municipalities including Sarrat, Piddig, the City of Batac, Laoag, Pinili, Burgos, San Nicolas, and Banna will proudly exhibit their locally-made products.

“Tan-ok” was first organized in 2011 by then Ilocos Norte Governor Imee R. Marcos as part of the campaign for the revival of cultural pride and Ilokano identity, with a particular emphasis on narrative-driven presentations produced by local creatives.

She will serve as the Festival Night’s guest of honor and speaker.

“Tan-ok 2024” anticipates welcoming more than 50,000 visitors from all over the country. (Mariell J. Pahinag)

(Source: Provincial Government of Ilocos Norte)

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