Batac: New Ilocos PHO head cites need to hire more health professionals

photo courtesy by Leilanie Adriano

Ilocos Norte Provincial Health Officer Dr. Rickson Balalio on Monday cited the need to hire additional health professionals to provide more accessible and efficient public services in the province.

In 2022, the provincial government hired 22 doctors, 26 nurses, 14 medical technicians and five radiology technicians but Balalio said more are needed, given the ongoing improvement of healthcare facilities.

“The main problem in our healthcare system is the lack of manpower. Even though we have so many projects on infrastructure development and acquisition of equipment if we do not meet the manpower requirements, all these will not succeed,” he said in an interview.

Ilocos Norte’s provincial board confirmed Balalio’s appointment as Provincial Health Officer II on Monday.

He had served as officer-in-charge of the Provincial Health Office since September last year.

Following his appointment, the provincial board unanimously expressed support to Balalio to ensure that the manpower needs of the provincial hospital and all district hospitals will be met.

“We have created various positions (plantilla) in the provincial government. The only problem now is to fill in these vacancies,” provincial board member Donald Nicolas, also the chair of the Committee on Appropriations, said. (Leilanie Adriano)

(Source: Philippine News Agency)

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