Atty. Veronica Serrano of the City Legal Office leads this year’s Grand Santacruzan at Iriga city

photo courtesy of Lungsod Ng Iriga

Following Atty. Vee, whose representing Queen Helena of Constantinople (Mother of Constantine the great of the Roman Empire), are twenty one lovely Sagalas or Women in costumes, portraying biblical figures, Queens of the past; and characters and symbols of faith, purity and grace as attributes to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Facilitated by Parroquia Y Santuario Archdiocesano de San Antonio De Padua, under the spiritual guidance and leadership of Reverend Father Mario Arnulfo B. Gaite, the Santacruzan is both a Filipino tradition and religious-historical parade in commemoration of the finding of the True Cross (the cross where Jesus Christ was crucified)  by Queen Helena in her pilgrimage to the Holy Land. The celebration is usually a culmination activity of the Flores de Mayo, a month-long event of prayers and floral offerings, an expression of devotion and deep-seated reverence of the Catholic community to the Blessed Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.

From the archive:

  • Santacruzan from the Spanish words Santa Cruz which means Holy Cross
  • Constantinople became the capital of the Roman Empire during the reign of Constantine the Great in 330. It is now known as Istanbul, the largest city and principal seaport of Turkey.
  • Emperor Constantine led his soldiers to the battlefield and saw the Cross appear on the sky, the young emperor heard the words within him: BY THIS SIGN THOU SHALT CONQUER. It made him convert to Christianity, and after which won every battle, and built the Holy Roman Empire.

(Source: Lungsod Ng Iriga)

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