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36 More COVID-19 Variants Of Concern Reported By DOH Caraga

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The Department of Health Center for Health Development – Caraga reveals today additional thirty-six (36) positive cases for COVID -19 Variants of Concern: thirty-one (31) Delta Variants, three (3) Alpha Variants, and two (2) Beta Variants bringing a total of 149 variant cases for Caraga. These were the samples sent to UP- PGC last August 2021.


These cases are distributed in the following areas:

Delta Variant Cases:

Agusan del Sur (24)

  • Bayugan City = 4
  • Loreto = 5
  • San Francisco = 4
  • San Luis = 3
  • Talacogon = 3
  • Esperanza = 1
  • Prosperidad = 1
  • Rosario = 1
  • Sta. Josefa = 1
  • Trento = 1

Surigao del Norte (5)

  • Surigao City = 4
  • Claver = 1

Cantilan, Surigao del Sur = 2

Alpha Variant Cases:

Agusan del Sur (2)

  • Prosperidad = 1
  • Rosario = 1

Tandag City = 1

Beta Variant:

  • Prosperidad, Agusan del Sur = 1
  • Tandag City = 1

As to the case profile, the age range is 9-79 years old with 36 as the median age; 64% (23) are females while 36% (13) are males, and 25% (9) have known comorbidities. The majority, 50% (18 ) neither have a travel history nor, close contact of a positive case, 28% (10) are close contacts of confirmed RT-PCR COVID-19 cases, and 14% (5) are exposed in the workplace. Meanwhile, 5% (2) are postpartum mothers. As to vaccine status, 64% (23) of the cases are unvaccinated individuals.

As of this time, most of the cases or 92% (33) have recovered, while 8% (3) cases have died. The two Delta variant deaths were female senior citizens, of whom one was diabetic. While the Alpha variant death was a middle-aged bedridden female with spinal cord injury for 11 months. All were unvaccinated with neither travel history nor exposure to a confirmed case. One died at home and two were hospitalized due to severe symptoms. Moreover, all identified close contacts have completed quarantine protocols and tagged as recovered.

The DOH CHD-Caraga through the Regional Epidemiology and Surveillance Unit (RESU) is actively coordinating with the local health authorities to continuously monitor the situation in the region. LGUs with VOCs have increased their health care utilization capacity by increasing beds in addressing the surge of cases, reorganizing manpower complement to cater more patients, securing medications and medical supplies, and is closely coordinating with DOH for the additional supply of oxygen. Furthermore, remote management or home care management has been currently highlighted to guide families in homes on the proper management of early signs and symptoms of COVID.

β€œWith the increasing trend of cases, our hospitals are at risk of being congested with COVID-19 admissions, slowly consuming our oxygen supply and other medical logistics. We are continuously joining our efforts with other agencies and through the One Caraga Shield to provide immediate action to areas declared to be high risk or has a continuous rise of cases. Still, we remind the public that our actions, whether big or small, can be the determining factors in surviving these perilous times. Follow the health protocols and get your vaccines as soon as it is available,” Regional Director Cesar Cassion said.

(RPN DXKS Surigao with the original report from DOH CHD Caraga)

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