Zamboanga: Dalipe vows to pursue digitalized services in City Hall


Having seen the efficiency and ease of online transactions in some offices of the city government, Mayor John Dalipe vowed in his first State of the City Address last week that his administration will pursue the full digitalization of all business transactions in City Hall.

It will start with the digitalization of the payroll system to prevent delayed payment of salaries of City Hall employees.

“Hende tarda, el servicio del diaton ciudad online ya para kita el red tape. Less human contact means lesser propensity for corruption and no place for fixers,” Dalipe declared in his SOCA during the 5th regular session of the Sangguniang Panlanugsod Monday.

“Este para hace mas major el servicio de govierno para con ustedes, y para mas unrato kita sabe si donde ya el diaton maga papeles,” he said. “In our objection to Go Green, all communication from City Hall will soon be paperless,” he added.

Dalipe further said the offices of the city assessor, treasurer and Business Permits and Licensing Office have adopted the modernization and digital transformation of transactions with real property and business tax collections assisted by the Enhanced Tax Revenue Assessment and Collection System (E-TRACS).

This, he explained, allows efficient and accurate collection from delinquent accounts, which aligns with the city government’s thrust to increase its revenues and to better serve its constituents.

In fact, according to the local chief executive, the city’s business tax revenues this year had exceeded its previous collections because of the efficiency and ease of transacting business applications.

“Business tax and business related fees and charges are projected to reach P600 million this year despite the 10% tax discount applied. This is the highest annual collection of time, higher than the previous record of P478.7 million in 2020,” Dalipe emphasized in his SOCA.

He said the public can now enjoy free wi-fi in City Hall, and very soon tourist sites have been targeted for the provision of free wi-fi. “Hinde dura, libre ya el wi-fi na todo public spaces,” the mayor said with confidence.

Since he assumed office seven months ago, the city’s public bidding is broadcast live on social media for transparency and fairness to all participating bissders.

Dalipe also vowed to find and introduce new technology for the City General Services Office (CGSO).

Last year, the Computer Services Division opened remote payment centers at the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT) in Divisoria, Pase del Mar, City Health Office and City Registrar’s Office for faster and convenient payment of traffic violation tickets and citations.

Likewise, the Dalipe administration continues to adopt the Business One-Stop Shop or BOSS in registration and renewal of business permits, this time not only during the renewal period in January of each year but throughout the entire year.

“Hende lang na mess del Enero el operacion del BOSS, sino por entero año ya,” Dalipe said, and for the first time with free wi-fi, free coffee and biscuits for the transacting public. (Vic Larato)

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga Facebook page)


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