Zamboanga: Border Random COVID Test Yields 60 Positive, 2 With Delta Infection


As of October 8, a total of 60 essential workers were tested positive during random rapid antigen tests conducted at the borders since August 11.

2 of the positive cases were found to be infected with the Delta variant.

City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Miravite said 1 delta case was part of the group of essential workers who were tested positive on the first day of the random rapid antigen testing at the Licomo border.

All those found positive in the antigen testing were subjected to confirmatory tests through reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction or RT-PCR tests.

The random rapid antigen testing targets essential workers who are allowed unhampered travel across all borders. It is an initiative of the City Health Office as part of the measures to prevent the spread and of COVID-19. (Sheila Covarrubias)

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga Facebook page)

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