Zamboanga: Additional Staff For The Molecular Lab


The USAID – ReachHealth has hired additional 2 molecular lab technologists and an IT consultant for deployment at the San Roque Molecular Lab.

The 3 personnel underwent orientation that was facilitated by CHO staff Joy Mangila at the molecular lab, Oct. 21.

This forms part of USAID ReachHealth’s assistance to augment the manpower of the molecular lab in response to the request of the CHO.

As this developed, Mayor Beng Climaco thanked USAID ReachHealth through Dr. Noel Tarrazona, for its pro active support to the City’s Molecular Laboratory as well as to all other projects and programs related to COVID-19 response.

The City Government is in the process of complying the DOH requirements in preparation for the operation of the molecular facility soon.

(Source: City Government of Zamboanga Facebook page, photo courtesy of USAID ReachHealth)

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