Tremendous jump in vehicle sales recorded


TRADITION seems to be on course as September sales data provide a rosy picture for the industry in the year just nearly two months away from bidding farewell. Fond or folly, it’d be a goodbye still worth treasuring—if only because the pandemic appears to be waning, by our experts’ estimation.

In times of gloom, better to be an optimist than a pessimist.  Positivity promotes good health, remember?  Even better than a vitamin, if you ask me.

As we all know, buyers binge as Christmas approaches—a familiar scene we see not just on home shores but on worldwide markets as well.   People seem to always have that extra appetite to acquire the dream car for the first-time owner, purchase the long-admired variant in the showroom, or simply go for the latest model to buttress the garage’s dwindling array of collectibles.

And so, if only to spur glad tidings in the air,  September sales improved by a whopping 35.6 percent from the August mark, according to the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines, Inc. (CAMPI) and Truck Manufacturers Association (TMA).

Vehicle sales last month reached 21,493 units, which is a tremendous jump from the 15,847 units recorded in August.

This definitely put smiles on the lips of the industry captains long agonizing from unsteady and slow trend of sales rebound 19 months into the pandemic that struck in March 2020.

The uphill trend that somehow put yearend sales targets suddenly achievable was immediately attributed to “the favorable development” of business climbing out of the rut as the virus infections continue to decline.

“Amidst the challenges, the industry’s optimism still lingers for a better sales performance in the fourth quarter this year,” said Rommel Gutierrez, the lawyer-president of CAMPI.  “This double-digit growth is crucial in attaining the industry’s sales target by yearend.”

He said the breast-beating sales growth is driven by the overall improved consumer confidence, resulting from a more buoyant economic condition and an exacting household spending.

Year-to-date, Gutierrez said the industry has sold 191,605 units, a whopping 29.5-percent increase compared with the same period last year.

It can then be said with certainty that the hump-and-bump thud is gradually being hurdled so that there is now reason to rejoice in the run-up to the Yuletide season.

We are, indeed, slowly getting there—thanks to the Filipino’s time-tested resilience.

PEE STOP  Toyota led September sales by a wide margin of 9,929 over Mitsubishi with 2,918, followed by Ford 1,783, Suzuki 1,491, Nissan 1,437, Isuzu 1,335, Honda 1,024, Hyundai 812, Sojitz 540 and Kia 311…The All-New 2022 Chevy Trailblazer will be launched on October 24, says Rayner Ranin, the brand manager of Chevrolet PHL…”The PM2.5+ vehicle cabin air purifier that filters external and internal pollutants including Covid-19 is still available at P950 only, said Che Cabotaje of Honda PHL.”

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