Trashion: Fashion Out Of Trash


Trashion or fashion in trash is an advocacy event of the Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte in support for the call of various non-government organizations against single use of plastics and undisciplined throwing of garbage especially in the ocean where marine lives are in detriment.

“Trash are uncontrollable uless we do something about it”, said Dapitan City Tourism Officer Apple Marie Agolong.

The event was organized by Dapitan City together with the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines as a result of the diving expos attended.

Dapitan City attended ADEX (Asian Diving Expo) in Singapore last April and it was dedicated to Ocean Plastic Free Future.

Diving is one of the marvellous things Dapitan can offer to its tourists both foreign and local. So as to preserve the beauty of the ocean, TRASHION was done, teaching people to make use of garbage in a creative way.

The event was participated with various designers from different parts of the Zamboanga Peninsula showcasing their creativity as how to re-use plastic trash in the community.

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