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TeLavi Cloud partners with world’s premiere tech brands to enable future-ready businesses

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True to its mission of providing businesses with powerful yet affordable and customizable communication solutions, Gur Lavi Corp. (GLC) is on track of reaching greater heights as they announced new partnerships with some of the known and trusted global tech brands.

The company started from humble beginnings almost a decade ago and has cemented its place as one of the fastest growing telecommunications distributors in the Philippines. One of its flagship brands is TeLavi Cloud, considered to be the only one of its kind and an all-in communication platform in the country today.

GLC President and CEO Erwin Co explains that during the ongoing pandemic a lot of companies has shifted to cloud-based solutions as they embraced new work set-up for their employees who are now doing office tasks remotely at home.

Co added, “We want to help the Filipino community. We understand how hard it is to operate a business during this pandemic that’s why we have created solutions and made them available at low cost to uplift entrepreneurs and help them get out of their current situations.”

TeLavi Cloud New Partners

As part of the company’s growth and bigger plans for the future, Co is happy to announce that they have already confirmed their partnerships with big global tech brands Poly, Jabra, Logitech, Cisco and Yealink which are all known for their quality and excellent product and services.

Poly headsets, phones and video conferencing solutions are officially certified for Microsoft Teams to help workforces truly connect and enhance productivity.  Jabra is a top Danish brand specializing in audio equipment and videoconference systems with a wide-array of products. Logitech is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of input and interface devices for laptops and PCs and other digital products for almost 40 years and counting. Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology conglomerate that produces networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment and other high-technology services and products. Yealink is an award-winning global brand that specializes in video conferencing, voice communications and collaboration solutions with best-in-class quality, innovative technology and user-friendly experience.

Partnership with these tech giants is something that every Filipino should be proud of because this only shows that our home-grown innovations are being recognized by internationally-known names in the industry.

Miles away within reach with TeLavi Cloud

With the said partnerships, Telavi Cloud can provide better experience as it continues to provide a unified communications and call center solutions platform well-suited for companies with employees working from home who can now receive calls from any Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop using any web browser or an IP phone. Customers can contact your office landline numbers and the calls can be answered by employees working at home.

“Companies can now have a unified communication platform. It’s like a PBX in the cloud. Wherever you are, as long as you have Internet, you will never miss any phone call from your office,” Co explained.

TeLavi Cloud offers (1) Cloud Telephony solutions that can increase team members’ mobility by allowing them to take important business calls even if they are not in the office; (2) Team Messaging to centralize all business communications in one platform using any device which avoids cluttering mobile phone storages with different apps that saves time from switching from one platform to another; (3) Video Conferencing that can bring remote workers face-to-face with just a few clicks on any device thus boosting business continuity and savings; and (4) Call Center Solution which can support single location setup as well as multi branch setup via virtual platform for your organization to any office location or even from home.

On top of this, another product that GLC is proud of is the TeLavi Connect, a simple cloud service add-on to Office 365 that connects Microsoft Teams to any on Prem or Cloud PBX in minutes allowing incoming and outgoing calls on any device using the Microsoft Teams App. It has the ability to bring all users under one platform via Microsoft Teams for collaboration, messaging and voice across all devices. Whether using a desktop or a mobile phone, there is no hardware or software to install because all that is to be done is to enable TeLavi Connect for users and groups that need it. It can be integrated with any PABX System or the company can retain existing IP phones and legacy system. Plus, there is a round the clock monitoring support and enterprise grade encryption and security built-in for a safe virtual business environment.

While many countries have started to rise from the disruptions that was brought about by the global health crisis, the Philippines is still thriving to overcome the challenges that the country is still facing. The good news is that there are companies who have come up with innovations that can help both Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and Enterprise-level companies to fully adapt the “new normal” of doing business.

TeLavi Cloud can help company achieve business continuity, savings and productivity. It is not a promise but a commitment. If you wish to avail of the FREE 30-day no obligation trial, please visit www.telavi.com.ph for more details.

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