Surigao: Safety Concerns in Del Carmen: Suspect Placed Under Police Custody After Tense Altercation


Under the strict implementation of peace and order, Del Carmen MPS swiftly responded to a distress complaint and intervened following reports of disturbance at the residential property of a 46-year-old resident at Purok 3, Barangay Antipolo, Del Carmen town.

Provincial Director, Police Colonel Laudemer M Laude, disclosed the identity of the suspect as a 25-year-old, without occupation and a resident of Purok 1, Barangay San Fernando, Del Carmen town, Siagao Island, Surigao del Norte province.

Based on the report submitted, the apprehended suspect allegedly engaged in disruptive behavior outside the property of the complainant. He began shouting uncontrollably, forced entered inside the owner’s property causing damage, and wielded a sharp-bladed weapon which created more tension and fear.

Eyewitnesses recounted the suspect’s aggressive behavior as he shouted threats against the homeowner who were still harrowing during the disturbing episode that transpired within her residence that afternoon. Despite the neighbor’s efforts, the suspect vehemently resisted all attempts at calming him down which made them sought for police assistance to pacify the agitated individual.

As the situation escalated, responding personnel from Del Carmen MPS adhered to the situation, leading to the decisive intervention to apprehend the suspect who tried to escape sensing police presence. However, he was successfully cornered by the responding police personnel. He was placed under the custody of the law enforcement unit stationed at Del Carmen MPS.

He was Informed of his constitutional rights administered by the arresting authority in the presence of the Barangay Officials. Charges are expected to be filed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations specifically cited on Malicious Mischief and Illegal Trespassing. Investigation is underway.

PD Laude stated, “This significant arrest underscores our commitment to preserving the peace and order within our Barangays and other neighboring town. Our PNP’s goal is to ensure the public for the safety of their properties and assets, as well as providing the protection of welfare they need wherever they may be.”

“Our men reassured the public of their unwavering commitment to upholding justice, ensuring that incidents of this nature are thoroughly investigated, and perpetrators held accountable,” PD ended.

Meanwhile, the arrested suspect along with the confiscated sharp-bladed weapon is now under the custody of the responding municipal police station for legal proceedings and proper disposition.

(Source: SDNPPO)

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