Surigao Meat Inn Shoppe signs MOA with DOST for Sustainable Energy Transition

(Photo courtesy of SDN DOST)

The Department of Science and Technology – Caraga, through its Provincial Science and Technology Office – Surigao del Norte, executed a Memorandum of Agreement with Surigao Meat Inn Shoppe for a project titled “Sustainable Energy Transition: Integration of Grid-Tied Solar Power System at Surigao Meat Inn Shoppe’s Processing and Storage Facility” under the Small Enterprise Technology Upgrading Program (SETUP).

Established in 2012 as part of JSV Fresh and Frozen Marine Products, Surigao Meat Inn Shoppe, led by Mr. Jerry S. Recones, has become a prominent player in Surigao City’s meat and seafood market. The firm operates multiple outlets, including El Puerto Meat Shop, Caraga Wet Market, and Vin Jil Meat Shop, expanding its reach throughout the region. This strategic expansion ensures the accessibility of its products in key commercial areas across Surigao City.

Surigao Meat Inn Shoppe’s success is largely attributed to its strict adherence to quality. The firm sources its inventory from reputable suppliers: live pigs from General Santos, dressed chickens from Cebu, beef from Butuan City, and both local and imported fish from Gensan. These high standards are maintained through its centralized processing and cold storage facility in Purok 4, Lipata, Surigao City, which ensures product freshness and quality.

However, the firm faces a significant challenge with the high energy consumption of its 24/7 cold storage equipment, leading to substantial operational costs and a larger carbon footprint. To address this, Surigao Meat Inn Shoppe opted to install a solar energy system at its primary processing and storage facility. This eco-friendly initiative aims to reduce energy consumption and the carbon footprint, reinforcing the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship. The grid-tied solar power system is expected to yield significant cost savings and set a standard for environmental responsibility within the industry.

This renewable energy project is part of Surigao Meat Inn Shoppe’s broader strategy to integrate technological advancements and sustainable practices into its operations, reflecting its proactive stance on business and environmental care. Embarking on this path, the firm sought assistance from DOST to access the SETUP Innovation Fund (iFund), demonstrating its commitment to utilizing science and technology to improve its operational efficiency.

During the MOA signing, DOST-Surigao del Norte and Surigao Meat Inn Shoppe committed to fully support the successful implementation of this SETUP project.

SETUP, a flagship program of DOST, provides MSMEs with financial and technical support to adopt innovative technologies, thereby improving their operations and increasing revenue. Through SETUP, MSMEs can access various support services, including equipment purchase and upgrades, consultancy services, and skills training, enhancing their business operations and competitiveness. (Mark James Lisondra)

(Source: SDN DOST)

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