Iriga: LTO warns delinquent agents, car and motor vehicle dealerships vs not releasing license plates, OR/CR on time

photo courtesy of LTO Philippines

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) warned agents and car and motorcycle dealers of stern consequences should they fail to release license plates and Official Receipt/Certificate of Registration (OR/CR) on time.

LTO Chief, Assistant Secretary Atty. Vigor D. Mendoza II issued the statement as the agency started to initiate measures against errant motor vehicle agents and car and motorcycle dealerships that continue to defy the LTO’s guideline to release license plates and OR/CR on time.

“We already have an initial list of the agents and their dealerships that were recommended for sanctions, including fines and suspension of accreditation,” said Assec Mendoza.

The LTO’s decisive action to punish errant agents and car and motorcycle dealers is fully backed by President Marcos when he ordered the agency and the Department of Transportation to address backlog on license plates and other LTO documents on time.

In a memorandum issued to the DOTr, Malacañang emphasized that all vehicle dealers must comply with the LTO’s prescribed processing timelines for the release of motor vehicles plates.

Included in the memorandum is the imposition of “the necessary penalties, such as termination of dealership, on dealers who fail to comply.”

Based on the LTO data, at least 28 agents from various motorcycle and car dealerships were already identified. The penalties against them are already submitted for resolution by the agency.

The penalties range from P20,000 to P500,000 and one month to six months suspension of accreditation.

“Let this serve as a strong message to all agents and dealerships to do their part, their obligation to their clients. Kasama sa trabaho ninyo ay tiyakin na sumusunod kayo sa regulasyon ng LTO patungkol sa release ng plaka at OR/CR on time,” said Assec Mendoza.

Assec. Mendoza also urged owners of newly-bought motor vehicles to immediately report to the LTO errant agents and car and motorcycle dealerships that would fail to release their license plates and OR/CR on time.

Assec. Mendoza said all the complaints could be sent to the LTO’s social media accounts, and preferably to AksyON THE SPOT 0929 292 0865.

Based on the LTO’s guideline, all LTO offices must release the license plates and OR/CR to the motor vehicle dealerships within five days after all the documentary requirements are submitted.

On the other hand, motor vehicle dealerships has six days to release them to their respective clients, for a maximum total of 11 days.

The LTO reiterated that the license plate backlog for all four-wheel motor vehicles was already addressed early this year—since the LTO produced one million license plates per month under the leadership of Department of Transportation Secretary Jaime J. Bautista and Assec Mendoza.

On the part of the motorcycles, all newly-bought motorcycles are the priority in the distribution of license plates—the decision was made in order to ensure that new motorcycles will not be added to the backlog.

President Marcos has instructed the DOTr and the LTO to finish the backlog on license plates in June 2025 and Assec Mendoza said they are on the right track and complying with the President’s order.

(Source: LTO Press Release)

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