Surigao: Mayor Pablo Yves L. Dumlao delivers first State of Local Governance Report


In his first State of Local Governance Report, City Mayor Pablo Yves L. Dumlao II revealed his plans and presented accomplishments for the past year of his administration.

“What we are doing is mobilize a “whole-of-city approach” to address the numerous problems we are facing, creating opportunities and improving the lives of every Surigaonon,” Dumlao said.

On health services, the Mayor bared that the city achieved more than the target number of accomplishments.

Mayor Dumlao also announced many plans for Housing and Urban Development, highlighting 44 hectares of land straddling three barangays which are planned to be developed into a Township Project.

For economic development, the Mayor addressed the plans for Agricultural, Fisheries, Livestock, and Tourism Development.

Among the Mayor’s plans and priorities moving forward includes construction, repair, and improvement of roads and city streets.

He also presented the proposed plan for the improvement of the city boulevard and free WiFi for all island barangays.

To end his first State of Local Governance Report, the city mayor shared one of his flagship programs “People’s Day,” dedicated to offering various free programs to all 54 Barangays.

“We owe it to the Surigaonons that we shall always endeavor to bring back to full steam the recovery of our city, the achievement of our shared vision, and raise our city to greater heights never before seen in the annals of its history,” Mayor Dumlao said.

Watch the full 2023 State of the Local Governance Report here:

(Source: Surigao City PIO Facebook page)

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