Surigao: Deputy Provincial Director for Operations PLTCOL Jeffry S. Tamayo attended the World Press Freedom Day

photo courtesy of SDN PPO

The Deputy Provincial Director for Operations, PLTCOL JEFFREY S. TAMAYO, attended the World Press Freedom Day event at Pacalz Grill and Restaurants in Surigao City, representing PCOL LAUDEMER M. LAUDE, Provincial Director today, May 11.

The World Press Freedom Day honors journalists who bravely defend press freedom, with this year’s theme being “Media and Citizen: Its Role in the Campaign against Illegal Drugs.” The celebratiion initiated by the Chairman of the Surigao del Norte Media Citizen Council, Mr. Tirso Clerigo Jr.; the vice chairman, Attorney Mario Menil, with the member of PDEA of Surigao del Norte, Agent Wenifredo Alagabia Jr.; and other media outlets representatives.

photo courtesy of SDN PPO

The media serves as a bridge between law enforcement and the public, keeping the community informed about important developments, safety alerts, and crime prevention tips. Through accurate and timely reporting, the media helps raise awareness about issues affecting the community, encourages public participation in crime prevention initiatives, and fosters a sense of unity among the public.

The SDN PNP Provincial Director, together with the police force, tirelessly works to defend the people, especially the youth, from the devastating effects of drug abuse and trafficking in the province.

With SDN PNP’s intensified campaign against illegal drugs, the law enforcement efforts, intelligence gathering, and strategic buy-bust operations strive to disrupt drug networks, apprehend law offenders, and stem the flow of illegal drugs in Surigao del Norte.

SDN PNP’s role goes beyond just enforcement but also actively engages with the community, fostering partnerships and promoting awareness about the dangers of drugs with the support of our media. The collaboration with local media, stakeholders, supports rehabilitation efforts, and empowers residents to join the fight against drugs. (Mark James Lisondra)

(Source: SDN PPO)

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