Surigao: Community Cooperation: A Resident of Alegria Municipality Voluntarily Surrenders a Loose Firearm to the Local Police Station

(Photo courtesy of SDNPPO)

Supporting broader security policies, that aim at controlling the spread of illegal firearms, a local of Alegria, Surigao del Norte, voluntarily surrendered a loose firearm to the deployed police authority of the Revitalized-Pulis sa Barangay (RPSB) yesterday, June 2.

POLICE COLONEL LAUDEMER M. LAUDE, the Provincial Director, acknowledged the commendable action of a concerned citizen who voluntarily turned in a loose firearm to the local police station. His proactive response to the PNP’s campaign against loose firearms emphasizes that such cooperation significantly contributes to the safety and betterment of the municipality.

A resident of Alegria town voluntarily surrendered one unit of a cal. 38 Smith & Wesson revolver without ammunition and a defaced serial number yesterday around 9:00 a.m. to the deployed police authorities of the Revitalized-Pulis sa Barangay (RPSB) at Budlingin, Alegria town. The firearm was immediately recorded and received by the Alegria Municipal Police Station.

“SDN PNP’s main concern is to dismantle the presence of loose firearms, which poses a significant threat to public safety. Our campaign to remove these weapons from circulation helps create a safer environment for citizens, reducing the risk of gun-related injuries and deaths in the province,” PD Laude said.

The surrendered firearm Is now under the custody of Alegria Municipal Police Station for proper disposition.

According to Republic Act No. 10591, a loose firearm is defined as any firearm that falls into the following categories: unregistered firearms; firearms that have been tampered with or altered; firearms reported as lost or stolen; illegally manufactured firearms; registered firearms in possession of someone other than the licensed owner; and firearms with revoked licenses, as detailed in the applicable rules and regulations. (Mark James Lisondra)

(Source: SDNPPO)

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