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Stricter Anti-Covid Measures Eyed In Zamboanga City As Cases Rise

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The city government of Zamboanga is of the idea to have stricter measures in the city as cases of Covid-19 continue to rise.

City Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar in a meeting Sunday with Health Assistant Secretary Romeo Ong and key members of the ZC TFCOVID-19 “emphasized the urgent need for people to strictly and faithfully comply with quarantine guidelines and health protocols”.

The mayor also is eying the return of Sunday lockdown and expansion of curfew hours.

Salazar in a taped broadcast announcement over the city’s official social media claimed there must be stricter measures to be implemented including the banning of mass gatherings and expanded curfew.

The mayor even appealed residents to comply with health protocols such as wearing of masks and even face shields, washing hands frequently and observing physical distancing as well as avoiding crowded places, close-contact settings and confined and enclosed spaces.

Health authorities here confirmed that social gatherings are the main cause of the spike in cases as evidenced by sustained community transmission.

The Zamboanga City Task Force COVID-19 is studying the measures and is expected to come up with a final decision this week and will be formalized through an executive order.

Aside from returning the Sunday lockdown and expansion of curfew hours, as requested by some sectors, the TFCOVID-19 also plans to suspend social/public gatherings until the end of December and impose temporary  moratorium for inbound LSIs as the City is the entry point to LGUs in ZAMPEN, BARMM and other regions  among others.

Mayor Climaco-Salazar has also directed  the security sector to tighten efforts in ensuring public compliance of quarantine guidelines and protocols as well as to conduct a renewed crackdown against drag racers.

The mayor is concerned that if people will continue to disregard protocols, there will be a record surge of COVID-19 infections that might lead to tighter quarantine measures.

As of October 14, 2020 the cases of Covid-19 has reached 2,253 cases with 740 active cases and 99 deaths with a record high of 92 new cases last October 11, 2020.
(OIC Roland Ramos, RPN DXXX Zamboanga, photo courtesy LGU – Zamboanga)

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