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SJDM City moves on after failed HUC bid in plebiscite

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Despite its inability to attain Highly Urbanized City (HUC) status, the chairperson of the House Committee on Good Government and Public Accountability on Friday said San Jose del Monte (SJDM) City, which known as Human Resource Capital of the Philippines, will continue to bolster the city’s services.

Rep. Florida Robes of SJDM, who led the campaign for HUC status, accepted the will of the people of Bulacan in their bid to transform the component city into a Highly Urbanized City.

She also expressed gratitude to the residents of SJDM and her fellow Bulakeños for their active participation in the recent plebiscite held alongside the barangay elections on October 30.

“While the measure we supported did not pass, we wholeheartedly accept the will of the people. This is the essence of our democracy, and you can count on our unwavering advocacy. We thank our beloved San Joseños and fellow Bulakeños for your involvement in the recent plebiscite,” she added.

Robes, whose spouse serves as the city mayor, affirmed her commitment to continue improving the city and serving her constituents.

“Our efforts to advance the city and provide services persist despite our inability to attain HUC status,” she assured.

“Our vision to enhance San Jose del Monte City does not conclude with the plebiscite’s outcome. It serves as our inspiration to surpass what we have achieved in our city,” Robes emphasized.

Reportedly, Bulacan Governor Daniel Fernando and former Bulacan Governor Wilhelmimo Alvarado actively campaigned against SJDM’s bid of HUC status. They argued that this move might lead to job losses and increased local government fees.

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