Seven Arrested In Baguio For Violating Curfew


Seven persons were collared last night by the Baguio City Police Office for loitering beyond the Enhanced Community Quarantine curfew hours.

BCPO Chief P/Col. Allen Rae Co said the violators all presented flimsy reasons thus the apprehensions.

Mayor Benjie Magalong and Co reminded that the city is on 24-hour curfew while critical personnel are prohibited from the streets from 9pm to 5am thus, law enforcers will be more stringent in checking the purpose of people out and about in the streets.

“Those found loitering well into the curfew time will be immediately sent home and we will cause the arrest of non-complying individuals,” the officials warned.

Meanwhile, the mayor ordered the police and barangays to arrest people who indulge in drinking alcohol outside their homes after numerous complaints reached him.

The Mayor today threatened to completely lock down Pinget barangay because of the residents’ lack of discipline and complacency in complying with the provisions of Enhanced Community Quarantine.

“If they don’t wake up and institute stricter measures, I will be compelled to escalate the lockdown.   I am giving them only until today to ensure compliance,” the mayor warned

Mayor Magalong also warns Business Process Outsourcing companies (BPOs) in the city to strictly comply with the order to pursue WORK-FROM-HOME arrangements for their employees.

He advised BPOs that only limited number of personnel should be allowed to go to the office to maintain their systems.

“BPOs may also make arrangements with accommodation establishments where they can live and work. Such arrangement ensures that their employees are confined and will not roam around after office hours.” The Mayor added. Source PIO Baguio

Photo credits to BCPO

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