Report On Motor Vehicle Traffic Incident Siayan MPS


Be informed that at about 7:45 PM of August 16, 2020 PNP personnel of Siayan Municipal Police Station (MPS) received report that a moto vehicle traffic incident transpired along National Highway of Muñoz, Siayan, Zamboanga Del Norte. Initial investigation conducted disclosed that the vehicles involved were: V1-RUSI 110 MC driven by Daniel Bagsican Bulaan, 18 yeard old, Single, a resident of Muñoz, Siayan, Zamboanga Del Norte; and, V2- SKYGO 150 MC driven by Ariel Velasco Napitan, 18 years old, Single, and a resident of Sitio Calacas, Brgy. Poblacion, Siayan, Zamboanga Del Norte.

Accordingly, V2 (Skygo 150 MC) was travelling from Brgy. Munoz, Siayan, Zamboanga Del Norte heading towards Siayan proper (West) and upon reaching at the place of accident, V1 (Rusi 110 MC) which was travelling in opposite direction (East) suddenly occupied the lane of V2 that leads to both motorcycles accidentally met head-on that resulted to the untimely death of both drivers and incurred damages on both motorcycles.

The cadaver of both drivers was properly turned-over to their relatives while the two motorcycles were brought to Siayan MPS for proper disposition.


(Source: Press Release from Zamboanga del Norte Police Provincial Office – Police Regional Office IX)

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