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Remembering my mom and talking shop

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MY friends know that I’m a mama’s boy. She played a big role in my life.

My mom was an uncomplicated woman with a few simple dreams for me and my siblings.  She wanted us to succeed, do something with our lives.  She always thought that I would make a good lawyer because she said I talked too much. Well, at least she got that right.

Her firm belief in me was a constant source of inspiration.   We grew up without having much in the way of material wealth.  Our family was not poor that we had to go out and beg but it wasn’t what you would call a comfortable, even easy life. And when my mother passed away, I was already close to begging actually just to finish my studies but that’s a different story.

My mother was a true homemaker.  While she didn’t have much resources to work with, she made sure we had a comfortable house to go home too. We lived in a quaint little house, and if her meager budget would allow, she would try to make our house better by buying a small piece of furniture to brighten up a room. Yes, our house was modest, a far cry from the mansions where my classmates from La Salle lived but I loved our home.

When it was my time to renovate our house, one of the first things I looked for was a comfortable sofabed similar to what my mother.  I looked everywhere, sat and laid on a lot of them but nothing was as comfortable. And then while I was in Wilcon Home Depot to get some tiles and adhesive, I found myself wandering the expanse of the store and discovered they had a furniture department. Somehow, this sofabed caught my attention. It’s cute and reasonably priced. I tried it and when my arse landed on the cushion, I found my holy grail in furniture. Sitting on it, it felt like I was transported back to my childhood, back to the comforting  arms of my mother.

That trip to Wilcon Home Depot permanently changed my idea of the store.  What I thought of as a store to get only building materials or hardware items has become something more. I now enjoy my trips to the store, whether to look at some item for the house I plan to buy in the future, or window-shopping for furniture or even appliances.

That is why I was so happy to get a press release from Wilcon and learned that not only are they the country’s leading home improvement and construction supply retailer but they too have a heart. They recently extended assistance to the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) after a fire damaged a part of the hospital. The company successfully handed over their donation, which included a chest freezer to the state-owned hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that will serve as their breast milk storage for babies. The turnover was led by Wilcon Home Depot marketing manager Dheza Paras and PGH NICU Fellow Dr. Maria Clariza Coronado.

Incidentally, Wilcon also opened a new branch in Leyte and started operations of its online shopping platform to bring a bigger and better home shopping experience to its values customers nationwide.

I recently tried it and it was so convenient. I was surprised with the wide-range of products available, ranging from tiles, sanitary ware, furniture, building materials and many more.  In fact, it’s like a black hole and I found myself browsing the web site for an hour and didn’t even notice it. I swear the Wilcon online store (shop.wilcon.com.ph) offers a shopping experience that is exciting and even amazing. Still, I won’t mind going to an actual Wilcon store and find myself mindlessly wandering its aisles, trying to look for more things that will remind me of my mother.

Besides, did I tell you they also have a hotdog stand with sandwiches to die for? But like my story on once almost begging for my tuition fee, that is a different story.

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